5 Easy ideas for decorating with plants

In honour of St Patrick's day earlier this week and with spring blooming in the Northern Hemisphere I thought I'd feature something green. I love decorating with plants because it makes a house look warm and inviting. And since plants absorb CO2 they also clean the air around them. Bonus!
It is surprisingly easy to look after indoor plants so even if you're a certified plant-killer you should try giving it a go again. Most plants just need water and sun, although in varying degrees. 
My amazing grandma, who had a wonderful collection of indoor plants, used to say that not over watering your plants makes them more resilient. She also used to clean them with a bit of milk because it makes the leaves shiny. Needless to say that her plants were always in magnificent condition.
A couple of years ago one of my friends has introduced indoor greenery into her home after many years of killing innocent plants. I'm glad to report that both her and the plants are still very happy.
If you're not sure where to start I suggest succulents. They are resilient, don't need much watering, they like full or partial sun and there is a huge variety to choose from. Once your succulents have grown a bit you can also use cuttings to make new plants.
As a confident plant owner my favourite thing to do is rescue dying plants. I don't always succeed but when I do I definitely feel a bit special.

Happy growing!


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