The return of the Smiths
I might be showing my age here (and I have no problem with that!) but Adidas Stan Smiths were very big when I was in high school. All the cool kids were wearing them, but I wasn't one of them because I couldn't afford a pair. They have been my no. 1 most favourite sneakers ever since.

Fast forward many years later, I spotted a pair in white and blue tab with three velcro straps, on sale. I purchased the immediately even though they were a little too small. They are still sitting in my cupboard waiting for my feet to shrink a bit.

So now that they have made a huge comeback (Thank you Phoebe Philo!) and all the cool kids are wearing them again, maybe it's time for me to get a pair. It's never too late to be cool!

Outfit pics via The Urban Spotter & Andy Heart.


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