The simple desk cleanse

Being a designer and a blogger means that I sit at my desk a lot. And I mean A LOT!
I'm not a particularly organised person but I do like my desk tidy and neat. I find that I just can't work efficiently when I have to spend too much time looking for things around my office.

Since it's the start of a new year I thought it would be a good idea to start afresh with a desk cleanse.
It's a pretty simple process:

1.  It's all about storage. Drawer units, shelves, desk organisers, boxes (label them so you know what's inside) and anything else that will make sorting out the clutter easier.

2.  If it doesn't work, throw it away. Old pens, staplers etc... Just get rid of things you no longer need in your workspace. De-clutter and de-stress.

3.  Give your desk a good clean and put everything in it's place. Keep only the daily necessities on your desk. For everything else there should now be a convenient storage place.

4.  Update when you need to. If you find that the new setup is not working for you just change it up to suit your needs. Practice makes perfect and there's nothing wrong with having desk version 2, 3 etc.

Here's to a clean desk!

Product references:
From top: Small bowl from Steven Alan, Another desktop series by Another Country,  Sketchbook from Need SupplyTofu stationery set by Pana


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