Calendars for 2015

2015 calendars
Hello again and hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was quite awesome. I spent the day relaxing and eating with my partner's family and had 3 servings of grandma P's plum pudding with custard and ice cream! If that wasn't enough of a highlight I also got an incredible 27" iMac from my partner! Best gift e-v-e-r!

So now that the year is coming to a close it's time to look ahead to 2015. Normally I don't do calendars. I tend to be a bit haphazard and find it too organised for my liking. I do however regularly forget or miss things. So I decided to try to be more organised next year and my 1st step is to acquire a calendar. I think I'll go for the wall option rather than a notebook because then my partner (who's even more unplanned than I am) might benefit too.

1. Les Femmes calendar by Rifle Paper Co at NoteMaker,  2. Midori diary notebook at NoteMaker,  3. Pickles calendar by Darling Clementine,  4. Seasonal produce calendar by Bison at Leif,  5. Gold foil daily planner by Julia Kostreva.

I also really like this Geometric calendar by Bubbo and this Toyblock calendar at Need Supply and this old-fashioned desk calendar at Urban Outfitters.


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