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Squeak design silk scarves
Squeak design peony silk scarf
Squeak design venice silk scarf

Today I am super-excited to introduce Squeak Design, a small Melbourne label producing beautiful silk scarves designed by the sweet and affable Pippa Oostergetel.
With each original design digitally printed on 100% smooth silk and finished with a hand rolled hem, Squeak's scarves are really lovely to wear and add a gorgeous pop of colour to any outfit!

You can see the full scarf collection on Squeak Design's website: www.squeakdesign.com. Also, shipping is free in Australia, hurrah!

Pippa and I used to work together a few years ago so I thought I'd pester her for a little interview to find out more about how she got Squeak started, what inspires her and what can budding entrepreneurs learn from her experience.
With Squeak's first collection getting some much deserved attention and a new collection in the pipeline Pippa certainly has her hands full. Huge thanks to Pippa for taking the time to answer the questions and sharing her story with us.

Tell us a bit about your background, what did you study and how did you come to start Squeak?
Well, I guess it all started when I decided to study Textile Design at RMIT University and specialised in screenprinting. After Uni I was lucky enough to work in the Spacecraft printing studio for a short while before moving to London to do an internship with London Printworks Trust. I lived overseas for nearly two years, travelling a lot, learning a lot and ultimately spending most of my time in the beautiful country of Switzerland. 
When I eventually returned home to Melbourne I quickly got a job as a Textile Designer for a company called Ladelle. As my first commercial design job I really did learn a lot, but I always knew I wanted to do my own thing. I was at Ladelle for nearly three years before I took the plunge into Squeak. I had a lot of support from my friends and my family, all of whom believed I had the talent to go for my dreams, so one day, I just did it.

What drew you to designing silk scarves and where did your inspiration of the range originate?
I have always loved scarves. I am almost constantly wearing one. I don't know why, but I think it's usually the colour that draws me to them. I love to brighten up my outfit with a well chosen scarf. Therefore my range of scarves is naturally quite colourful! I don't have a specific theme or 'inspiration' for the range, however most of my scarf designs have, in some way, come from my photographs that I took whilst overseas. Some in a very obvious way, and others as very subtle layers of texture in the background.

What is the process that goes into designing the scarves and what part do you enjoy the most?
Like I said, most of my scarves incorporate my photography, so I usually start in Photoshop. I'll find a photo that I want to work with, bring it into Photoshop and then just have a play. It's amazing how many great ideas can come about by just playing. It usually leads me into some really interesting areas that may eventually become my next scarf design!
As for my favourite part, well that's when I get to see those designs on the final product for the first time. It's an intense mixture of excitement and pure fear! It's not until you see the final product that you know if you really love the design or not. But when they do turn out just as you had envisioned, it's an absolutely fantastic feeling.

This is Squeak's first range, what was the most exciting thing about getting this far and what are you looking forward to in the future?
The most exciting part is watching it actually become something. No longer an idea in your head or a vague dream, but an actual reality. I get to wear my scarves, sell my scarves and see people's reactions when they see them for the first time. It's just a real sense of achievement. 
But there's more to the dream, so that's what I'm looking forward to. I'm already looking at designing new products and branching out into different areas. Hopefully that sense of achievement will just continually grow.

Do you have any advice or tips for young designers like yourself who are starting out on their own?
Ask for help. From anyone and everyone. There's no way you can do everything on your own... and it's not as much fun if you do it all on your own anyway. Also, social media... get on it!

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