Polkka Jam Cat Days Collection (and interview)

A little while ago I shared the beautiful work of Finnish illustration and design studio Polkka Jam (see post here)Kristiina and Sami, the Turku-based design duo behind Polkka Jam, have been very busy running the studio and designing new products, such as my favourite Kissanpäivät (Cat days) Calendar, shown above. I truly admire the work of Polkka Jam and as a cat lover I simply adore the whole Cat Days collection.
Despite having her hands full the lovely Kristiina found the time to answer a few questions and give us a little insight into Polkka Jam:

Can you tell us a little about your background and how did you come to start Polkka Jam.
We studied in the same art and design school in Kuopio in eastern Finland and met there about 13 years ago. Kristiina has graduated as BA Textile Design and Sami as BA Graphic Design. Before Polkka Jam we have both worked and studied different craft skills like bookbinding, ceramics, knitting, weaving etc. Sami has drawn all his life and has exelled in record covers and magazine illustrations. Kristiina has been shop keeper selling independent Finnish design clothes and vintage clothes.

What influences your work and where do you find inspiration?
We can get inspired by many different kind of things and situations. Travels, nature and city culture. Nature documentaries, art books, also just normal everyday life is inspiring.

What is a typical day at Polkka Jam like for you?
Our normal day starts at nine and ends about seven o'clock. Nowadays we work on new collections, keep our web-shop, keep connections to customers and partners and pack the products to customers and retailers.

What do you love most about your work, and what do like least?
Right now we are in the situation that all the work is good. Drawing and designing and seeing the first copies of the new products is propably the best part of our work. Accounting is not so nice but when the company is our own it's important to be up to date with everything what's going on.

Do you have any words of advice for other creative people wanting to go out on their own or start their own business?
Trust your intuation. Be prepared to do lots of work. After you think you have found your style and are satisfied with the results - spread the word.

Thank you so much Kristiina and Sami for your time and wise words. All the best for the future, enjoy the snow in Turku and we look forward to seeing more of your wonderful designs!

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  1. Nice work Sharon. Lovely interview and great to share the insight of other small companies, especially from OS... ;)