Friday Etsy finds: Porcelain & blue hues

Just some random objects I'm liking today.
From top left:
- Shelf city no. 246 from The Oak Leaves
- The four season cup set from Bailey doesn't bark
- Black bear stack from Lulu Froot
- Porcelain twigs from Roberta Polfus
- Mini creamers from Pigeon Toe Ceramics
- Cross-stitched floor cushion from Trampoline


  1. Great finds! I love your blog, btw. Does J.Crew not ship overseas? (I was reading your stripe post) I had no idea.

  2. Thanks Rebecca. I do my best :)
    I contacted J.Crew about international shipping and they replied that at this stage the don't ship outside the U.S. and Canada but they will let me know when they do. So now I'm just waiting...